Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to clarify some of your questions regarding our application’s Juris365 right page! For any other clarification, you may contact us through our contact page.

What solutions presents Juris365?

With the Juris365, you can manage all their lawsuits, contacts, tasks, official documents and invoices. You can organize them in a way that is amazingly simple and intuitive and still have the ability to work from anywhere, since access to a device with internet access.

For who is destined the Juris365 application?

Our application is intended essentially to law firms or independent lawyers.
Even though the law firm does not adhere to the application, the lawyers who are part of the same, may join on their own, once this application could be an asset in their professional activity.

Is it worth joining the Juris365?

Of course it is! With the Juris365 will save money and will save lot of time of your life, because you won’t have to worry about mundane tasks. You will be able to devote himself more to his personal life and that will bring you only advantages.
In addition, will have all its processes organized and at a distance of a click. Isn’t it amazing?!

With the Juris365 can i monitor the results of my company?

With this software you can quickly access reports that allow you to do an analysis of the progress of your company or activity.