From now on, all your time will be recorded.

With the stopwatch help embedded in the application, it will be easier to record the time spent in each case, with a single click.


In case of doubt or technical problem, we have a team available to help. You can contact us directly through the application support function, by phone or email.

The support of Juris365 platform is made from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 18:00 pm.


This application not only for you but also to your team.

Control the time registers and processes without limits, and share with your work team, files or others informations with the ability to form real-time feedback.

Time is money

A major difficulty is always control immediately costs.

This problem is solved quickly with Juris365, which has a system for time recording, expences and movements per process so that you don’t miss any important data and registers.


Juris365 has available for you a built-in calendar on the application. Via our calendar, you can organize your tasks referring to each process, with certain levels of priority. It also includes a filter that allows you to search for users and customers/processes in order to facilitate navigation on the calendar.

With our application, you don’t run the risk of losing a reunion or an important appointment, which could affect it on a specific case.

Importing contacts

Entering your client data, can be a time consuming and an complicated task. To avoid this, the Juris365 provides you the auto-import option that is quickly and very easy to use. You just need to fill a format file .CSV that we provide and import through the available option on contacts and there it goes!

Keep that important contact always available.

Integration with Email

One of the advantages of our software is the integration of e-mail application.
You can easily access to their emails or download files and data to be sent by email.
Whenever you receive a new email will be notified so you do not miss any important to your practice.


Increasingly we use multiple devices to work. In addition, we develop our software thinking on users working via iPhone, iPad, Android, PC or Mac — you can manage your processes anywhere and on any device that has access to the web.

By using our software you will be able to enjoy the time productively, because whether you’re waiting in court, whether you are travelling, you may be simultaneously working, since it is not limited to a specific computer or device.

You won’t need to waste any more time in meetings and phone calls to report important information about the processes, because you can share with your team everything you deem necessary, since files, documents and important comments about the case.